The tale of an ordinary woman

A diminute woman with a modest background a figure in demand

Some years ago, when I was least expecting , my cell rang. It was akka,” are you willing to work in a drama on behalf of our group?”

Being a career focused person, having a 9 to 5 job besides domestic responsibilities, socializing has became like foreign to me. But my childhood came in front of my eyes like a spark, where I had performed multiple times. So without much thinking, I said “yes”.

She explained me that it was a role of a doctor, and I was thrilled because it was like my childhood dream to become doctor came true. Then followed rehearsals at friends house.

From then on, an mutually respectfull relationship bloomed on, and I paid obedience to her whenever we met as she was elder Than me. At times of functions she would preserve a spot for me during lunchtime as I would get lost during finding one.

Whenever we meet , she is to discusss the things that she can’t with others ,as she knows that they won’t go beyond me. Whenever we meet at any religious functions, she use to give me some sort of advice which are helping me even today also.

She use to do Pooja every friday with all her friends at neighborhood . She had no children but she had many ways to keep her self motivated.

But we all knows , whi all remember God, God remembers them too. So he called her too , …… without any illness, with a smile on her face.